Dairy Free, Cream Cheezey Key Lime Cake

This is a raw vegan recipe, but don’t let that turn you off. It is super rich, creamy, mouth puckering, satisfying, and nutrient dense. Just a small slice will have you feeling full and satisfied. Eat it before a meal, after your meal, or as the main course to... read more

Kitchari Spiced Coconut Black Bean Noodles

I usually prefer spices on their own, as opposed to buying blends. However, I really like a nice kitchari spice blend. These spices are specifically formulated to be incredibly medicinal and help with digestion. The ancient science of life & vitality, ayurveda,... read more

Temptuous Triple Berry Chocolate Trifle

FROM THE SERIES FOR 3 DECADENT DESERTS A LA AVOCADO, as demonstrated on News Channel 8, CT STYLE   BASE INGREDIENTS: 1) Ripe Avocados 2) Hand full of water soaked mejdool dates, and the sweet water they soaked in 3) Raw Cacao Powder ( or Unsweetened Cocoa or... read more

Coconut Whip (Rich, Dairy free Whipped Cream)

This is a great alternative to dairy whipped cream, and as far as I’ve experienced, always a hit with all eater audiences! SO simple too. Equipment: Bowl, electric mixer Ingredients: 1) 2 cans of organic coconut milk 2) 10-20 drops of Stevia Extract, to taste 3)... read more

Very Green Lime-Aid

I LOVE this lime-aid! It’s essentially a hybrid of fresh green-juice, (with all of its wonderful benefits) and delicious, refreshing or lime-ade! It’s pretty, feels so incredible to drink, hydrating, cleansing, gives a nice little pick-me-up in the... read more

Turmeric Tonic

If you’re not on the turmeric train yet, it just might make a bit of sense, you know, like if you’re Human. Heal yourself and take responsibility to stay at your best ~ ALLOW YOUR LIGHT TO REALLY SHINE (because my- oh – my is it beautiful!) Turmeric... read more

Nut “Mylk” in a quick pinch!

Here’s a dairy free option in a pinch!: 1) Look for the nearest, BEST quality nut butter (almond, cashew, other…) available … (Note to self: Keep your cupboard stocked for when you might need it) 2) Put a dollop in your bowl and splash some water on... read more

Million-Bucks Brownies

‘Cuz they make you feel like it – and well – they ain’t cheap like the boxes you buy at the grocery store. (Look-out for the  billion-bucks brownies I’ll have to post soon – even more super foods and raw ;)) EVERYTHING I POST (and... read more