Nature Creates the perfect environment for healing!

Nature Creates the perfect environment for healing!

What a gift, this snowy day! Day 1 of a core 10 day plant based Ayurvedic style cleanse healing program I am leading along with sweetie & client. Next phase extends to the month. And in this case, an extended period of nourishment for another month, during which time all New optimized habits for daily life and health will have a chance to really sink in as grounded experience and wisdom. My client has been struggling with a very uncomfortable and multi-month long case of eczema, which we are addressing through a healing program for the body, mind, and spirit. If you’ve ever heard of “leaky gut”, which is essentially when food particles pass through the intestinal walls, creating a host of undesirable issues (allergic reactions, eczema, fatigue, and more) and essentially leaving the blood intoxicated ~ this is what we are aiming to heal, in addition to restoring the proper balance of elements, and fortifying the spirit in the process. In Ayurveda, the first place to begin healing the body is to heal the digestion. However, ultimately it is the whole organism of patterns of thought and feelings, as well as addiction, that we address to achieve freedom.  

The snow feels perfectly supportive of slowing down, reflecting, appreciating and providing a special moment to amplify loving life. Just paying closer attention to the senses, simplifying the diet and the mind, and recommitting daily to our “why”, or higher purpose, intention, aim and motivation to elevate our health – which in turn supports clarity of being ~ like dominoes then giving to our empowered personal strength and revitalized joy. Ayurveda is a complete science of wisdom of living. It is the original medicine system, which understands that we are all microcosms of the bigger picture, connected, and constantly navigating the proper balance of Nature to support our highest state of cellular and practical intelligence. In other words, we were born to LOVE and ENJOY life. 

If you are feeling disconnected from this as your basic truth, you are experiencing an imbalance; some violation of natural law. Do not feel discouraged, however, there is absolutely a path to healing accessible to you and anyone interested in investing themselves in healing ~ synonymous with returning the a base of LOVING ourselves and life. 

If you’re feeling inspired to shift your current state now, keep in mind that access to the proper information and techniques, as well as support are the keys to help you on your quest of higher health and total freedom. 

If you’re not sure how to begin, or have simply been inspired to reach out, it is my pleasure to help you return to LOVE, optimized health, and inspired creativity. 

All you need to do is call ;) or send me a message.

Big love from the snow today! 

Xo, h